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Imagine What Could Happen If We Combined Digital Fabrication Technology With Real Rural Needs.

A laptop, 3D printer and 3D scanner is all Rural Lab need to setup a fully self-sustainable, digital manufacturing lab which can create prostheses to support the most vulnerable in communities across the world. Imagine a lab with the ability to improve the lives of thousands of people. 

Rural Lab is a non-profit organisation born in 2018 in Barcelona by Jonathan Frishberg and Laura Jofré. Since its inception, both have worked tirelessly to guide digital manufacturing technology towards a more social, democratic, and supportive role.  The aim of this non-profit initiative is to work in rural areas and developing countries with few resources, where something as vital as prostheses are not easily attained.

Meet the Team

Pau Benazet

Specialist in 3d modeling.

Product development engineer.

Patricia Aroca

Marketing & Comunications


Jonathan Frishberg

Co founder of Rural lab. Entrepreneur and designer with experience in digital fabrication.

Laura Jofré

Co founder of Rural lab.

Entrepeneur and product designer


Artur Binefa

Industrial engineer with experience in digital fabrication.

Xavier Manubens

Traumatologist in Tarragona

hospital (Spain) and doctor volunteer

at Bathalapalli hospital (India)

David Tena

Physicist and mechanical engineer, 

specialist in Digital fabrication,

manager of Fabcafe Barcelona

Omri Shacham

Managing partner at Eliptic Ventures

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